Let's Celebrate All Living Things!.... Eco-friendly Pet Stationary and Gifts


Java (left) and Zoe (right), Jack Russell Terriers extraordinaire


Java and I started Paper Russells after we tried to find a gift for our friend Jasmine, who'd just had a litter of the cutest pups we'd ever seen. But we couldn't find anything -- no even a card! -- anywhere. So, that inspired us to start Paper Russells. We spotted our artist Myunghye one day in a park we visited frequently. She was sitting on a bench, busily sketching pictures of the different dogs that were playing on the lawn. We loved her style, and immediately hired her to come to work for us! - Zoe


Originally from South Korea, Myunghye holds a bachelors and a masters degree in graphic design from Seoul National University in Korea and has studied at the Institute of Design at IIT, Chicago. Myunghye has a background in set display design, illustrations, advertising, collateral, and online design with over 25 years of experience in industries ranging from broadcasting system to publishing to high tech to (now) pets.
Zoe and Java are very proud of Myunghye; she strives to deliver their artistic vision with style and panache.